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Expressions BELIEVE IN UNICORNS Beauty Kit - Item #GG8353


Channel your inner unicorn with this majestic BELIEVE IN UNICORNS novelty cosmetic kit, complete with a versatile selection of magical eyeshadow shades, vibrant lipsticks, and glittery lip-glosses. If your little one is expressing interest in playing with makeup, look no further. This starter kit has all the essentials to get your little glam lover started in experimenting with her beauty routine! Featuring 3 tiers of colorful cosmetics to mix and match, this unicorn head makeup palette will have your little glamour girl’s imagination running wild.

  • A 3-tiered unicorn head cosmetic case featuring 6 magical eyeshadow shades, 6 vibrant lip-gloss wells, 2 glitter lip glosses, 2 lipsticks, and 2 applicators
  • Introductory beauty palette for youngsters who are eager to start playing with makeup
  • Makes a great gift for girls and tweens who love experimenting with different makeup looks! Great for dress up, playtime, and birthday parties!
  • Quality pigments that are safe for kids, easy to wash, and sensitive to skin
  • To remove, use makeup remover or mild soap and water.