Almar Sales is an international consumer products company that offers an extensive line of hair accessories, cosmetics, health and beauty products, kids’ role play costumes and accessories, party favors, and trendy novelty items.

Founded in 1965 by Jack Ash, Almar Sales began as a small accessories venture that would eventually grow into the multi-million-dollar business it is today. Starting out with the manufacturing of girls’ hair bows under the brand name “Little Linda”, named after one of Mr. Ash’s granddaughters, the company has since expanded to include cosmetics, gift sets, jewelry, dress up and costumes, bedding, home décor, and novelty items for consumers of all ages.

We are on the cutting edge of innovative market trends and curate our collections to reflect the various aesthetics of our branded and private labels. We carry over 5,000 SKU’s of consumer products that are geared towards various age groups, ranging from babies and toddlers, to tweens, teens, and adults of all ages. Our selections are stylish, seasonally on-trend, and appropriately priced to serve customers and retailers around the globe.

Over five decades after its inception, Almar Sales continues to be a family-owned and operated business, currently led by the founders’ sons and grandsons who share the same entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence. With a team of industry experts in sales, marketing, merchandising, and operations, Almar is dedicated to providing trusted services to customers all over the world. We guarantee 100% quality and satisfaction with every order. Contact us today to get started.


The Jack H. Ashkenazie Foundation

Since 1965, Almar has committed at least 10% of its annual profits to community giving. Almar's philanthropic initiatives are dedicated to improving people's lives throughout the world.

The Jack H. Ashkenazie Foundation was created in 2001 and named after our founder. The foundation actively donates to schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, food pantries, toy drives, and hundreds of other charitable organizations. In 2011, Almar’s charitable efforts were expanded to include donating to every children’s hospital in the United States.

These donations are part of a 45-year-old, family-owned company's ongoing commitment to give back, every day of every year. Whether it's giving to a sick child, helping a needy family, or contributing to curing diseases, Almar is constantly giving.