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Athletic Wear by Expressions - Multicolored Braided Woven Headwrap


Our Athletic Wear line of hair accessories offers you just what you need for a fun-filled day of physical activity. The headbands offer a comfort-fit, tight-grip that stays in place for all day wear. You'll never have to worry about hair getting in your face during game time again. Wear these headbands for team sports, yoga or dance, tennis, or any other sport you want to play!

  • Includes 1 comfort-fit, woven braided headband for everyday use
  • Headwraps are strategically constructed to offer maximum support for all day wear.
  • The tight grips prevent slipping, and tame hair to stay out of your face during physical activity.
  • Each headband is sweat absorbent and machine washable for easy and convenient care at home or on-the-go.
  • Our Athletic Wear headbands are perfect for high impact sports like softball, volleyball, basketball, team sports, yoga, dance, cheer, running, cycling, and more!